About Me

My wife and I, between us have been involved in real estate for 30 years. Flipping houses before the TV shows. Renting houses that we bought and fixed up. She is the brains and I am the agent. My background has taught me many skills that I continue to employ in the real estate market, either listing your home or helping you buy one. I was a record producer and touring musician from 1986 until 2013. ( Mickey Dolenz, Rick Derringer, Motley Crue, Cheap Trick, members of Santana, Tower of Power, and many movies and TV shows ) When you are in a small room with people, who are trying to realize their Dream, the best quality is being an exceptionally good listener. I can hear your dreams and help you achieve your goals. I will negotiate extremely hard for you and listen to your every need. I am always available to talk or email. If you are interested in a Rock n Roll agent, hit me up.